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Van Dutch Imperial Shih Tzus

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We get several inquiries regarding shipping. We hope to answer most of your quesetions on this page but if you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email.
If you choose to have your puppy shipped to you, we will contact a few different airlines and make a resevation with the airline that offers the shortest and most direct flight available to the airport nearest you. Then we will call or email you with the flight number, the scheduled time of departure, the time of arrival and the airway bill number.
A few days prior to shipping the puppy, we must obtain a Health Certificate from oue local veterinarian to varify that the puppy is old enough and also health enough to fly. (This is required by law.)
Shipping cost may vary due to location and the airline used, but usually are about $250. The buyer is resposible for all costs associated with shipping their new puppy.
We do not ship C.O.D.
The cost of the puppy and all shippng fees must be paid in full at least five days prior to shipping.
Included in the shipping fees are:
  • An airline approved pet taxi which is yours to keep.
  • The veterinary Health Certificate.
  • Vaccination record for the puppy.
  • The travel cost to get the puppy to the airport.
  • The airline fee.
  • A small toy or blanket with the mommy's scent on it.
  • A small amount of puppy food to get the puppy through a couple of days.

~Van Dutch Imperial Shih Tzus~ Lake Havasu City, AZ & Sparks, NV~